Independent handmade roof tile maker, Tudor Roof Tile, has introduced a peg tile designed to complement listed buildings and heritage properties

Made from English natural clay, the “conservation peg tile”, has been redeveloped with a gentle double camber and meticulous detailing, making it suitable for historical renovation and restoration.

Tudor says its warm, subtle tones and variation in shape and texture recreate the aged look of the peg tiles of Kent. The tiles are hand pressed, moulded and trimmed and available in five tones. The square peg holes (and also round peg holes) will accommodate a variety of wooden pegs and the bespoke options of the tiles will ensure that most restoration projects can be undertaken.

All Tudor roof tiles are made in accordance with BS EN ISO 9001:2000 and tested to BS EN 538:1994 for strength and to BS EN 539-2:1998 for frost resistance.

Tudor Roof Tile Co