Marley Eternit has added to its Alutec Evolve rainwater system with a high-capacity gutter and a 76mm flush-fit circular downpipe system

The 125mm beaded edge Deepflow gutter has a semi-elliptical profile and can accommodate 4.9litres/second of water, enabling it to drain larger roof areas, roofs with long, steep pitches or to reduce the number of drain connections required.

The Evolve aluminium range is durable and lightweight and is claimed to have a life of 50 years, while the polyester powder coating provides a hardwearing, fade-resistant finish.

The range is available in 20 standard colours, manufactured from architectural grade polyester powder as well as the Heritage black finish, which has a textured surface to emulate the appearance of cast iron but weighing only a quarter of the weight.

The range also benefits from the JuraJoint, a new method of jointing aluminium gutters that combines EPDM rubber and high-performance silicone. The sealant is simply applied in one thin bead into the central rib of the rubber seal and when the joint is snapped together it “bonds” the rubber seal to the gutter surface making the jointing durable, thermally flexible and leak free.

Marley Eternit