Mace’s chief executive predicts what 2015 could have in store for contractors and the wider sector

A general election in May is a dead certainty but what are the other key developments, challenges and government priorities that will shape the construction year? Building asks leading industry experts to stick their necks out, starting with Mace’s chief executive Mark Reynolds.

Mark Reynolds

What will be the key developments in your sector/profession?
To counter workforce inflation and reduce cost exposure to our clients, during 2015 we foresee pre-fabrication being used more and more across all types of construction. In addition to the increased use of BIM, this is going to bring greater efficiencies to projects. We may also see the real and practical use of drones on construction sites for the first time.

What will be the biggest challenge to your sector/profession?
As the market continues to pick up, the biggest challenge for construction is finding enough skilled workers to meet demand. All of us - that’s the industry and government - need to do better to attract new people into the profession otherwise we’re heading for an acute skills shortage as projects come down the pipeline.

What should the next government’s main priority for construction be?
We need to do more to bring young people into the industry through apprenticeships and training, and the housing crisis needs urgent resolution. The next government should stop playing political games and implement the recommendations of the Armitt Review and set up a National Infrastructure Commission.