From banks to cinemas, and from theatres to homes, the latest cladding and curtain walling products can work wonders anywhere

Mesh gets image-conscious

Mesh gets image-conscious

GKD has developed a stainless steel wire mesh interwoven with LEDs. Called Mediamesh, it allows images to be displayed on facades through LEDs inserted into holders and sealed with resin. The supply of power and data is handled by control units that can be connected to a server located in the building. GKD says Mediamesh can be finished in any size or shape and is weather and temperature resistant.

GKD 301

Curtain wall innovation

Curtain wall innovation

Swedish firm Sapa Building System has supplied Elegance 52, its semi-active curtain wall, to the refurbishment of the headquarters of Dexia Bank in Brussels. It has double glazing and an internal blind that operates automatically, according to the amount of sunlight. It also has a thermal break within the aluminium frame to minimise heat transfer from the inside to the outside of the building. The maker says the cladding system is available through its UK arm Sapa Building Systems.

Sapa 302

Fabric walling system

Levolux has brought out an acoustic stretched-fabric walling system called Novawall, which has a fibreglass core and offers a wide range of aesthetic possibilities. The company says the fabric of Novawall is available in a variety of colours and can be printed with graphics and images. The walling system can be to be fitted to any shape or size of wall or ceiling, making unusual room layouts such as curves and domed ceilings possible.

Levolux 303

Marble cladding panels

Swish Building Products has expanded its Marbrex internal marble cladding panels collection to include a larger colour range suitable for commercial applications. The colours for the 375 mm wide panels include white, blue and beige mosaic, maple and black. The company says Marbrex is a practical alternative to conventional paint, wallpaper and tiling and that it can be applied to walls and ceilings.

Swish Building Products 304

Shake-up for cladding panels

Marley Eternit has added 20 variations to its range of fibre-cement rainscreen cladding panels, which are available in grey, anthracite and terracotta. The company says the panels are easy to fix to timber or aluminium sub-frames. Natura is available in 8 mm or 12 mm thicknesses and 2, 5 and 3 m lengths.

Marley Eternit 305

Acoustic control panels

Trim Acoustics has introduced a range of internal modular acoustic control panels called Nova. The 25 mm thick panels, which have a sound-absorbing mineral-fibre core board covered by fabric, are made in 1200 × 600 mm squares. Colours include coral blue, deep blue, misty grey, double cream, sunflower, poppy and cranberry. The company says the collection is suitable for commercial buildings such as theatres, cinemas and recording studios.

Trim Acoustics 306

Weathered cladding panels

Trespa International has expanded its Trespa Meteon cladding panels collection to include six colours that aim to evoke a natural weathered effect. The company says the design for panels, which are made of soft wood fibre and a resin, include six colours. The manufacturer has also launched a panel called English cherry, which is designed to resemble natural wood.

Trespa International 307

Curtain walling suite

Technal has launched an aluminium curtain walling suite called MX, which it says offers a wide range of design possibilities. Technal says the single-grid system is flexible because it can be adapted to different designs using standardised components. It adds that MX, which has an enhanced thermal performance, provides consistent site lines and interfaces for low to high-rise curtain walling, and ribbon, faceted, structural, beaded and sloped glazing.

Technal 308

Satin-textured paint

SAS International has introduced a satin-textured paint finish called SAS FT for use with metal ceiling panels and tiles. The company says the paint improves the lighting performance of large metal ceiling panels and tiles because it helps direct light in an even fashion. The low-gloss nature of the paint, which is available in white as standard as well as any bespoke shade, is said to decrease the visibility of ceiling tile deflections.

SAS International 309