’s cloud-based collaboration platform streamlines the application for payment, valuation and certification process for main contractors and their subcontractor base, as GF Tomlinson found out is a cloud-based collaboration platform that provides an end-to-end solution allowing both main contractors and subcontractors to save significant time and cost by automating the application for payment, valuation, variation and certification process.

The platform provides a secure, efficient environment for the exchange of information necessary to certify a contract payment. Designed specifically for the construction industry, it is simple for both parties to use. Allowing both applicants and respondents to accurately issue conforming applications for payment and payment notices, it ensures compliance with common law contracts and the Construction Act.

How will this help your business?

  • Significant cost savings – Proven to save up to £700 per application for payment in processing time and overheads
  • Dispute reductions – Transparency and standardisation significantly reduces the risk of payment disputes
  • Improves cash flow – Dramatically reduces the risk of payment disputes and the associated cash flow consequences
  • Reduces project risk – Delivers a real-time risk assessment process across all applications and projects
  • Delivers accuracy and auditability – Ensures absolute accuracy of data and the ability to access historical information/modification reasons instantly
  • Improves supply chain collaboration – Delivers true transparency of information and processes between the contractor and subcontractors
  • A quick return on investment – Low cost of entry and implementation in less than a day; returns are enjoyed almost immediately

Key features:

  • Mobile technology – No software to install, browser based with slick familiar interface and easy access, anywhere, any time
  • Contract compliance – Helps you stay compliant with agreed contract terms such as subcontractor insurances and payment due dates
  • Powerful workflow – Automated electronic exchange of information, multistage approval processes
  • Variation management – Manage, track and approve all variations and their associated documents
  • Business reporting – Comprehensive, easy-to-use reporting tool
  • UK Construction compliant – Engineered for the UK industry, complies with the UK Construction Act
  • Milestone tracking and reminders – Integrated into workflow for deadlines, managing key contract dates
  • Document management – Securely stores and attaches all documents including certificates, images, drawings, etc
  • Full transparency – Full visibility and audit trail for both parties
  • Integration – No re-keying data, can seamlessly integrate with your ERP or finance solution
  • Implementation – Over single project or enterprise level. Single project installation in less than a day

Case study:

Helping GF Tomlinson to reduce risk and increase profit margins by automating the application for payment, valuation and certification process.

Founded in 1892, GF Tomlinson has become one of the largest and most respected contractors in the East Midlands. With an annual turnover exceeding £150m, in an industry where accounting for every single profit and loss is crucial to the success of a project, GF Tomlinson recognises it is a priority to ensure that processes are as smooth as possible to give greater visibility on project costs.


Group Finance Director Tim Davies acknowledged a disconnect between his accounts and commercial teams for managing the processing of applications for payment and issuing of payment notices. “We needed to simplify the reporting of the process from the commercial team to the accounts department.”

Associate Director (Commercial), Richard Robins highlighted the problem of receiving incorrect, late or no applications for payment at all from subcontractors. “You put your trust in the subcontractor, but things can fall into a trap when information is incorrect or missing. Some subcontractors have even failed to submit an application in the hope of receiving money for work that they haven’t yet completed.”


A healthy supply chain is a happy supply chain, one that avoids risk and ensures quality future work. After learning of the improved communication, enhanced visibility and added benefits of, GF Tomlinson signed up. They were impressed with how the software can benefit everyone in the construction supply chain. “Saving time on both sides is a benefit to everyone,” says Peter Sherratt, Senior Quantity Surveyor.

“We were receiving such a variety in quality of applications for payment from different subcontractors. The software manages the discipline of the application for payment process and ensures that nobody [main contractor and subcontractor] should fall foul of the Construction Act.”

Managing Surveyor Carl Wiltshire added: “It’s a breeze for the subcontractor; there’s no mixture of variations and contract works, and it’s so easy to submit an application for payment. Everyone has welcomed it.”


  • Fully automated and streamlined subcontractor application for payment processes, delivering bottom-line benefits.
  • As an early adopter, GF Tomlinson had specific functionality developed for them. “We have found this [relationship] very useful. Functionality for managing Main Contractor Discount and CIS deductions was turned around in less than a month,” says Carl.
  • As is cloud based with no software to download or install, GF Tomlinson were quickly and easily able to roll out the software on two projects both valuing £4m, receiving applications from over 25 different subcontractors in a pre-agreed format.
  • The success of on these projects resulted in GF Tomlinson rolling out across all future projects. Richard Robins points to the importance of legislative compliance and streamlining of processes as the main reasons for company-wide adoption “One of the main benefits of using the software is that it provides standardisation across all documentation and ensures compliance with the UK Construction Act. It completely streamlines the process between commercial, finance, and our subcontractors and ensures our supply chain get paid when they should.”


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