Healthcare facility in athletes' village will provide services for community after the Games

Planning permission has been given for a new polyclinic in the London 2012 athletes' village to provide state-of-the-art healthcare and community facilities.

The Olympic Delivery Authority made the announcement today. The polyclinic will be at the heart of new community facilities being built and will provide state-of-the-art healthcare for existing local communities and the new residents that will live in the Village after 2012. The facilities will initially be used during the London 2012 Games to meet the healthcare needs of Olympic and Paralympic athletes.

The athletes' village will leave a legacy of 2,800 new homes for Londoners, of which 1,380 will be affordable, along with new parks.

The polyclinic will be located on the eastern edge of the village to enable easy access in legacy for the local community and will include:

David Higgins, chief executive of the ODA, said: “Our plans for a new polyclinic in the athletes' village will put a legacy of world-class healthcare facilities at the heart of our regeneration ambitions for east London. The village will not only create essential new homes for Londoners, it will also deliver new community facilities and the polyclinic will ensure the village meets the healthcare needs of new and existing communities for generations to come.”

The polyclinic will include funding from the ODA and the Department of Health, delivered through NHS Newham. Construction work is due to start on site later this year.

Construction work on the wider athletes' village is on track with three of 11 residential plots structurally complete and work well underway on all other residential plots.