But London practices remain the most cautious, latest Future Trends survey says

Architects’ confidence doubled in October but is still some way off the score chalked up before this summer’s EU referendum.

The RIBA Future Trends survey for the month rose to +16 from September’s score of +8, with architects based in the Midlands, East Anglia and the North of England the most optimistic.

But practices in London continued to be more cautious, with a balance figure of zero – indicating that workloads are expected to remain the same.

Overall, medium-sized practices were the most confident at increasing workloads with a score of +27, followed by small practices with a score of +16. Large practices are beginning to recover from earlier anxiety over workloads, with a balance figure of +15.

Forecasts for the commercial sector (+1) and private housing sector (+16) remained unchanged from September.

The public sector forecast remained in negative territory with a score of -4 in October, though the forecast for the community sector improved to zero.

RIBA executive director members Adrian Dobson said: “Comments from architects continue to present a mixed picture, with many practices working in the private housing sector indicating an increase in work since the summer. Meanwhile, many practices reported seeing fee levels increasing.

“However, this was tempered by caution over funding uncertainty, especially on commercial sector work. Public sector work is experiencing a similar level of unpredictability.”