The multidisciplinary consultant is targeting Chinese students in the UK

Atkins, the engineering and design consultancy, is using Mandarin to engage with Chinese students in a bid to attract more graduates.

Atkins employees from China have given presentations at careers fairs using their native language to appeal to the growing number of Chinese students who come to study in Britain.

Head of recruitment at Atkins, Karen Wallbridge said: “There is a larger population of Chinese students now and particularly in the disciplines we would look to employ graduates from, like engineering.”

“The other reason is we have a business in China so there is the possibility that we can facilitate them going on to the graduate scheme there after we’ve spoken to them here, if they don’t want to stay in the UK.”

However, Wallbridge stressed that this is only part of Atkins’ “campus activity” and that the use of Mandarin is simply a way of widening communication.

Standard Mandarin is the official language of mainland China and Taiwan and is one of four official languages of Singapore.