English Heritage urges government to list parts of West London site as grade II

English Heritage has said the BBC Television Centre in West London should be listed as a grade II building.

BBC Television Centre in White City

The conservation body has strongly urged the government to recognise the special architectural and cultural significance of the site in White City and list parts of it at grade II.

Peter Beacham, heritage protection director at English Heritage, said: “This building is not just architecturally important.

“As one of the first purpose-built television studios in the world, it represents the moment when Britain led Europe into the television age.

“The BBC itself is an important part of our British identity and Television Centre has acquired an iconic presence.

English Heritage has asked the Department for Culture, Media and Sport to add it to the statuary list of significant buildings.

It has assigned special interest only to the very best parts. The main studios, the 1950s canteen that overlooks the Blue Peter garden and the circular drum that houses offices and the main studios are among parts which have contributed to the “iconic presence” of building, it said.

The organisation said it has some very good 1950s design and architectural features including dazzling mosaics, a gilded sculpture of Helios in the centre of the drum and the familiar pattern of atom-like discs on the front.