Beautician Gerorgina Blackwell wins £75,000 compensation in High Court in row over access rights

A beautician from Essex has won a legal battle against Bellway Homes after defending herself in the High Court, the Daily Mail reports.

The case centred on land next to a grade II-listed former school the mother of Georgina Blackwell had bought in Halstead, Essex, that the housebuilder wanted to develop into 43 luxury homes.

Bellway believed it had a right of access to cross Blackwell's garden, which it needed to demolish two of the factory walls. When she refused access, it took her to court.

She won the case and got £75,000 compensation.

She told the paper: “I'm a blonde, 23-year-old beautician from Essex. I know it doesn't look good on paper, but I think they underestimated me.”

She added: “Bellway's legal team sat there with no expressions, heads down. The barrister came over and congratulated me. He said I had put up a good fight. My mum was going to lose her business and her home and that gave me the courage to stand up and be counted.”