Flintshire factory admits four health and safety charges related to dust, smoke and noise

Castle Cement has been fined £250,000 after admitting safety breaches which might have lead to a risk of cancer.

The Flintshire factory, in Wales, admitted four charges related to dust and noise nuisances in addition to two fires which released potentially dangerous smoke.

The charges cover a period between August 2005 and May 2007, but despite the possible increased risk of cancer and other illnesses, Mold crown court heard that no cases had been detected.

The Environment Agency Wales said the total £300,000 which the firm was ordered to pay in fine and costs was one of the highest ever court awards for an environmental offence in the UK.

Judge John Rogers QC said: “These were persistent breaches of the permit conditions resulting in dust emissions, smoke emissions from burning tyres and other materials, and unacceptable noise levels."

"Emissions of dust and the fire particles put the general public to some potential risk of injury to their health."

He added that he was satisfied the company had invested £1.8m trying to improve procedures.