Historic markets set for Essex move

Relocating three historic markets to a new site in Dagenham will free up huge tracts of land for mixed-use developments, the City of London Corporation has said.

Smithfield, Billingsgate and New Spitalfields markets will all leave their existing sites and move into a combined market at Dagenham Dock in Essex.

The City said: “The New Spitalfields and Billingsgate sites could become mixed-use developments providing new homes, work and office space.”

It said relocating the meat market would “release the Smithfield site so it can sit at the heart of a cultural district”. The new Museum of London, designed by Stanton Williams and Asif Khan, is planned for nearby West Smithfield.

A three-day public consultation on the City of London Corporation’s plans began yesterday (Wednesday).

Architect Chetwoods has drawn up proposals which will see the markets relocate to a disused power station. The City said the site had been chosen for its rail and river links.


Source: Shutterstock

The Smithfield meat market building near Farringdon station