Document confirms high-speed rail but gives little detail on other projects

The coalition government has published its programme for the next five years, but shed little light on the future of public sector construction.

The coalition's Programme for Government has now been published here - but, apart from confirming that the new nuclear power station programme will go ahead, there is little detail to provide clarity to the construction industry.

In a foreword signed by David Cameron and Nick Clegg the two said: “Three weeks ago we could never have predicted the publication of this document. After the election, of course, there was the option of minority government - but we were uninspired by it. Instead, there was the option of a coalition in the national interest - and we seized it.”

The document confirmed that the government will “establish a high speed rail network”, but regarding the future of Crossrail, it said only: “We support Crossrail.”

A Budget is expected to provide more detail on 22 June.