Measures introduced last May allow jobs to stay open until 9pm

Flexible site working hours allowing sites to stay open until 9pm will continue until the end of September because of the ongoing impact of the pandemic, the housing minister has said.

The measures introduced in May last year allow sites to apply to local councils to extend their working hours from on Monday to Saturday.


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Sites have been allowed to work longer hours since last May

It is intended to make it easier for sites to operate in a covid-secure way and for tasks where social distancing is challenging to be completed.

The varied start and finish times are also intended to take the pressure off public transport like the London underground.

The government has asked councils to approve all applications for extensions to working hours unless there are “very compelling reasons why this is not appropriate”.

Robert Jenrick said the extension of the measures were necessary due to the continued impact of covid-19, adding that the 30 September date would be kept under review.

He added: ”The government recognises that the construction industry will need to continue to operate in a safe and productive way.”

He said the ongoing measures have “helped to protect and support jobs in the construction industry and reduced pressures on public transport at peak hours throughout the pandemic”.

Jenrick also asked local planning authorities to “take a positive and flexible” approach to planning enforcement action to support social distancing and the economic recovery as lockdown restrictions are relaxed.