Cowbells to ring out on £3m artificial ski slope near Newquay after planning refusal overturned

Cornish farmers have long experience of diversifying into the tourism industry, but one farm has been particularly imaginative.

Trevarthian Farm at Kestle Mill will soon boast an artificial ski slope and clubhouse, after winning its appeal against the local council's rejection of the £3m plan.

Carrick District Council had refused planning permission because of local objections that the development, which the farm owners estimate could be used by 60,000 people a year, would be out of place.

Now the government has overturned the planning refusal, the Winterpark Cornwall ski slope, near Newquay, could be open as early as next year.

The 4.8ha development will include a half-pipe and jump section.

Mark Bucknell of Winterpark Cornwall told the BBC: “We have always wanted to diversify the farm in a positive fashion and this is one way of doing it. It is something completely different, but it takes into account the surfing at Newquay and brings it all together.”