Government aims to roll out gigabit broadband nationwide by 2030

Firms have been put on notice for £2bn worth of work to build high-speed broadband infrastructure in parts of the UK likely to be neglected by commercial investment.

Building Digital UK have set up a dynamic purchasing system to procure contractors for the Gigabit Infrastructure Subsidy programme.


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The scheme is focused on areas that would be neglected by private investment

The government scheme, which is part of Project Gigabit, aims to built a gigabit-capable broadband infrastructure in areas of the country where private investment would not see such developments within a reasonable timeframe.

These hard-to-reach parts of the UK are referred to as the final 20%.

Project Gigabit was launched in March 2021 as part of the Johnson government’s levelling up agenda and aims to connect more than a million homes in its first phase.

The government’s target is for gigabit broadband to be available nationwide by 2030.

The project will run for up to nine years and will award contracts throughout that period.