Norbord has launched a fixing system for use with its Caberdek tongue-and-groove flooring boards

The range comprises two new adhesives and a waterproofing tape for sealing joints, which the company claims provides squeak-free flooring.

Caberfix Tongue & Groove is a fast-setting PVA D3 adhesive that creates a firm bond along the tongue-and-groove joints between boards. Caberfix Joint & Joist is a strong, flexible polyurethane elastomeric adhesive designed to fix the boards securely to their supporting joists.

Squeaky floors are usually the result of differential movement between the floor boards, the joists and the metal fixings used to secure them. Caberfix Joint & Joist tackles this by creating a solid bond between floor and joist, which remains flexible when cured so it can absorb any movement without cracking or losing its bond.

Once the boards are laid, all joints are sealed with the Caberfix Tape to prevent moisture penetrating the floor. Protective film is later peeled off, taking the tape with it to reveal a clean, dry floor ready for the selected finish.