Consultation should examine who will lead the inquiry and the composition of panel of advisors

Residents living near the Grenfell tower block have demanded the investigation into the disaster leaves “no stone unturned” in the search for answers, and called for those found responsible for the tragedy to be identified and held accountable.

In a letter to the Home Secretary Amber Rudd and the Prime Minister Theresa May, Lancaster West residents – including those who lived in Hurstway, Testerton, Barandon and Grenfell Walks – have demanded that civil groups who have worked in the community should be part of the public inquiry’s consultation, which it urges to take place as soon as possible.

Bereaved and survivor families should be funded without means-testing for legal representation with immediate effect, the letter went on, and the consultation should also examine who will lead the inquiry and the composition of the panel of advisors to it.

Residents said they wanted a comprehensive investigation into the historical background leading up to the fire, both at Grenfell and other tower blocks.

They have also demanded the investigation looks into the cause and subsequent spread of the fire, the emergency services’ response to it, as well as the failure of both local and state bodies to provide suitable care to bereaved and survivor families and individuals.

“Bereaved families and survivors will require time to recover and grieve, not least in view of the paucity of support they have been afforded by the state and its agencies in the immediate aftermath.

“To that end, the timetable for the proposed consultation must be established and announced at the earliest opportunity, so that their effective participation can become a reality,” the campaign said.

In the wake of the fire the Prime Minister announced a public inquiry would examine its causes, but both the government and the local council, Kensington & Chelsea, have faced fierce criticism for not moving quickly enough to help both those who escaped the blaze and residents who have been moved from neighbouring residential areas.