DG Engineering pleaded guilty to two charges under health and safety legislation

The Health and Safety Executive has prosecuted an engineering firm for failing to repair a workshop roof.

Merseyside-based DG Engineering Co, failed to carry out repairs or comply with an improvement notice to repair its workshop roof, which put employees' health and safety at risk.

The company pleaded guilty to two charges under health and safety legislation and was fined £5,000 and ordered to pay £1,628 in costs. It was also ordered to carry out the repairs within four months.

The court heard that the HSE had received an anonymous complaint about the condition of the roof of the company on the 7 June 2007. A hole in the roof caused by a missing roof panel meant that workers were affected in poor weather conditions such as rain and cold.

The factory owners were asked to write to the HSE with their proposed actions but failed to do so. A further complaint was made - the company was contacted and the owners again said they would set out their proposals.

The HSE did not receive a response so it sent an inspector, who issued a notice requiring repairs to be carried out by 18 January. This notice was not complied with and the company was prosecuted.

Martin Heywood, Health and Safety Executive inspector, said: “Companies have a duty to ensure the health and safety of employees. This missing roof panel was clearly jeopardising their safety and should have been repaired.

“The company were given ample opportunity to carry out this work, but had failed to do so. The staff wanted the roof repaired because they were getting wet and cold, but there was also a risk of further falling debris. Companies must understand that they cannot ignore the law,” he added.