The Health and Safety Executive is hoping that 4000 suspect ladders will be handed in during its 12-week ladder exchange scheme

The Health and Safety Executive has launched a campaign to remove dangerous ladders from UK workplaces.

dodgy ladder
HSE: "We will do everything it takes to get rid of dodgy ladders."

The 12-week ladder exchange scheme aims to replace 4000 dodgy ladders with discounted replacements.

Businesses will be able to get ladders checked and if dangerous they can be traded in for new ones at a reduced price.

In 2005/2006 46 people were killed and 3351 were seriously injured falling from height costing the UK economy about £60m.

Dr Elizabeth Gibby, HSE’s head of injuries reduction programme said: “There is still a lot of poor standard equipment out there and we will do everything it takes to educate people and get rid of dodgy ladders form workplaces.”

The HSE’s amnesty is being supported by local authorities, the Ladder Association and companies such as HSS Hire, SGB Taskmaster, Speedy Hire and

More information can be found at HSE ladder exchange.