Maitland Mackie invites rural landowners to join in sustainable energy venture

The businessman behind ice-cream firm Mackies of Scotland has called on British farmers and landowners to form their own wind development company.

Maitland Mackie is urging 10,000 members of the rural economy to invest a minimum of £1,000 in his new venture, Rural Sector Wingen, to raise money for new wind turbines.

Under the scheme, the company would have first pick of wind farm sites owned by the investors and, in return, landowners would receive an income for hosting the turbines.

Launching the scheme yesterday, Mackie said: “Farmers and landowners are missing out on a colossal opportunity to be principal players in electricity generation through land-based wind power.

“At the moment, they are giving it away to the City and big financiers. Landowners, farmers and others in rural areas need to get our act together before the City and big business steal our show.”