Construction leaders appeal for strong leadership and consistent messages as parties thrash out details of government

Voices across the industry have called for clarity as politicians negotiate the next government.

Paul Flatt, chairman of consultancy hurleypalmerflatt, said: “Business will be looking for the new government to show strong leadership over the coming weeks. We're at a critical phase in the recovery and our main concern is that we have economic certainty.

“Tackling public debt must be an immediate priority - we cannot afford to go the way of Greece or Spain. However, pushing cuts through parliament will take nerve and it remains to be seen how the new government will deliver.”

The Association for Consultancy and Engineering (ACE) called for “clear leadership and consistent messages from government” and outlined five key priorities:

1. “Set out a plan to address the UK's budget deficit.”

2. “Send clear, consistent messages about essential investment.”

3. “Explore innovative ways of funding infrastructure.”

4. “Make reform of the planning consents system a top priority.”

5. “Take a coordinated approach to developing key national infrastructure.”

Keith Chanter, chairman of engineering and facilities management group Emcor Group called for stronger assurances over the future of spending programmes.

He said: “Many of Emcor's customers would welcome a renewed commitment to the Building Schools for the Future programme and in the custodial sector, both of which have provided a significant source of business for some of our clients during the recessionary period.”

The three party leaders are currently negotiating over the political make-up of the next government.