Structure to be built by end of 2022

Plans by Knight Architects for a new rail crossing between Germany and Poland have been given the green light.

The bridge will span the river Oder between Küstrin and Kostyrzyn and is part of a wider upgrade under the Berlin-Kostrzyn-Gorzów railway modernisation programme.

The 266m long crossing will replace a derelict, single-track truss built before the Second World War.

It will include a 130m high arch whose crown will mark the border between the two countries.

A second bridge will also be built across a flood-relief canal located 500m west of the main crossing.

Tendering to build the £33m bridge will begin next month with construction due to start next spring ahead of an opening at the end of 2022.

Knight designed the bridge with German engineering firm Schüßler-Plan Berlin.


The bridge will run for 266m across the Oder