Firm wins international design competition to remodel 300 acre historic park in Moscow

Architect LDA Design has unveiled its plans for a redesign of the 300 acre Gorky Park in Moscow.

The firm, which also designed the London Olympic Park, drew on Russia’s cultural heritage for inspiration for the park, which has been divided into seven distinct historical zones.

The park design, which was selected after an international competition, also features nine activity hubs including an orangery, leisure gardens and recreational facilities.

A number of historical buildings in the park will also be restored.

Andrew Harland, senior partner at LDA Design, said the design emphasised “quality of life, health, wellbeing, play and recreation”.

He added: “Operationally, a successful park is one that integrates environment, activity and management and, from a design perspective, one that combines beauty, vibrancy and accessibility.  Gorky Park will have all of these things as well as a rich historical and cultural backdrop.”