Boris Johnson gives green light to Aedas-designed Holland Park Community School despite objections by heritage groups

The mayor of London has approved the controversial plans for a new school in Holland Park designed by Aedas.

Although backed by Cabe, the scheme ran into trouble with English Heritage, the Twentieth Century Society and local pressure groups.

The school received planning from Kensington and Chelsea borough council earlier this month, and mayor Boris Johnson's decision today removes the last hurdle in the school's progress through the planning system.

The mayor said: “Local children will now get a school fit for the 21st century which will accommodate an extra 100 school places in the future.

“This scheme will also increase space for outdoor sports and other activities. I've been to the site to see for myself and think it will benefit a great deal from a new swimming pool, gym and all the other facilities the new scheme has to offer.”

English Heritage said the scheme was “visually intrusive” and called for it to be revised. The Twentieth Century Society was concerned that the existing school building, the first purpose-built comprehensive in the UK, would be demolished.

Local groups are more concerned with the fact that the scheme will be part-funded by the construction of 72 new apartments on a section of the school's present playing fields.

However, the mayor's office said the proposal would deliver 20% more outdoor space and sports pitches.