A new store for Asda at Langley Mill in Derbyshire will be the first in the UK to use Breathing Buildings’ patented e-stack low energy ventilation system.

The e-stack natural ventilation system is designed to ensure the fresh air rates required for building regulations, while minimising the heating energy required. This is achieved by mixing the incoming cold fresh air in winter with hot interior air before it reaches the occupants.

The system ensures that the air quality remains high and that the risk of cold draughts, which are often associated with natural ventilation systems, are avoided. 

In warmer weather the system typically operates with higher ventilation flow rates in order to minimise the risk of overheating, although it can be used in conjunction with thermally massive building types to exploit the benefits of passive night-cooling, in which case lower ventilation rates are again used. 

A total of 12 e-stack units will be installed on the roof of the store and it is claimed the energy savings in comparison with a mechanically-ventilated store of the same size are about 110,000 kWh/year of electricity and as much as 150,000 kWh/year of gas.

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