Government says Metronet was a corporate failure and that structural weaknesses led to its downfall.

Ministers have blamed Tube maintenance company Metronet for its own collapse.

It rejected claims by the Commons Transport Committee that there were problems in the way Metronet was set up and operated under a PPP and instead blamed “corporate failure.”

The response said: “Metronet’s collapse was a major disappointment to those with the interests of the travelling public at heart, and the Government is committed to ensuring that all parties learn the appropriate lessons for the future. The Government is also clear that this was predominantly a corporate failure, and that the structural weaknesses of Metronet led to its own downfall.”

Last month it emerged the manager of Metronet’s asset renewal programme had left. Stephen Hall was chief programmes officer on the programme on behalf of London Underground. He has been replaced on an interim basis by Steve Mole, managing director of Capital Project Consultancy.

In February it emerged the Government were paying £2bn to clear the debts of Metronet which went bust in July after it losing more than £1.7bn.