Grammar and state boarding schools in amongst the approvals

The government has approved applications for 131 free schools that will create more than 69,000 pupil places.

In amongst the biggest wave of approvals this parliament is a grammar school-led multi-academy trust and the largest state boarding school in the country.

Education secretary Justin Greening said: “[Free schools] give us the school places we need for the future, and they also give parents more choices to find a great school place in their area that’s right for their child.”

Since 2015 there have been 124 free schools open, with a further 376 to open by 2020 - including the schools announced today.

The news comes after the government last month launched public-owned property company Located to scout for and acquire sites for free schools, backed by £2bn.

Where the free schools will be

  • 18 schools in the East of England, creating 8,875 places
  • 9 schools in the East Midlands, creating 8,105 places
  • 7 schools in Yorkshire and the Humber, creating 4,006 places
  • 2 schools in the North East, creating 204 places
  • 5 schools in the North West, creating 4,610 places
  • 27 schools in the South East, creating 15,429 places
  • 15 schools in the South West, creating 7,721 places
  • 12 schools in the West Midlands, creating 9,060 places
  • 16 schools in London, creating 9,708 places

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