M&E contractor Honeywell also agrees deal with Multiplex to accelerate work on project.

Multiplex and Hollandia have agreed a final account settlement for the steelwork at the Wembley stadium. Building understands the figure, which has not been disclosed, comes after the two firms struck a deal to prevent 250 steelworkers being laid off due to a cash row before the project was complete.

It is understood that Hollandia is still targeting completion of the main steel work by the end of the month, although workers are working 11-day fortnights rather than proposed 12-hour shifts. It is understood that workers refused to work the longer hours because they would be liable to pay more tax.

M&E contractor Honeywell is also believed to have struck a deal with Multiplex to accelerate its work on the project. After a series of sweeping redundancies across the sector.