Favourite social networking sites? 

I’m not on any of them. I spend too much of my life in front of a computer screen already.

Preferred means of communication? 

Face to face, and texting, especially after a few beers! 

Favourite digital gadget?

My digital radio - I love 6Music.

What’s top on your iPod? 

Difficult to answer, I buy a few albums a month. Loving Plan B, Caribou, Chemical Brothers and Gil Scott Heron at the moment.

BlackBerry or iPhone?

I don’t want to look at work emails when I’m not at work.

What is your worst digital habit? 

Incognito mode (joke). Has to be internet dating, it’s such a laugh!    

What did you last buy online? 

A ticket for a sleeper train to the south of France. 

Isabel McAllister is director of management consulting at Cyril Sweett