Eels, bream and pike living in a river on the 2012 site will be stunned and transferred to the River Lea

Fish and newts living in a small river near the Olympic site will be moved and released into the River Lea as part of a clean-up operation by the Olympic Delivery Authority. The water of Pudding Mill River in Stratford will be electrified gently by aquatic experts to stun the fish and make them float to the surface.

Species including eels, tench, bream and pike will then be retrieved and moved to the River Lea. Traps will also be laid to round up newts living near the site. Experts said Pudding Mill River was not a healthy spawning ground but did host several species of wildlife.

The work marks the start of the ODA's project to protect wildlife near the Olympic park. The site is also home to bats, birds and invertebrates.