Ian Tyler takes home £933,896 as bonus falls by £134,000

Balfour Beatty chief executive Ian Tyler took home a cash bonus of £202,860 in 2009, taking his total pay to £933,896.

The figure was down from £1.04m (including a bonus of £336,000) last year although total board pay rose from £3.37m to £3.8m for 12 directors.

The second highest paid director was deputy chief executive Anthony Rabin, who took home £657,279, a figure that included a bonus of £136,850.

Tyler’s pay was modest in comparison to that of his housebuilding peers at Persimmon and Taylor Wimpey, the bosses of which took home £1.3m (bonus: £406,000) and £1.7m (£788,000) respectively despite their weaker financial performance than Balfour Beatty in 2009.

According to a Building value-for-money study last year, which divided pre-tax profit by chief executive pay, Tyler was the best value for money boss in construction. In 2009, the company made a pre-tax profit of £267m.

John McDonough, chief executive of Carillion, took home a total of £1.2m in 2009, which included a bonus of £342,000 on top of his salary of £632,000. The figure was down from the £1.4m he took home last year, which included a bonus of £608,000.

The total pay for 11 Carillion directors was £4.07m, down from £4.8m in 2008. The company made a pre-tax profit of £148m last year.