Case will now go to the Old Bailey after contractor admits health and safety breaches

PC Harrington Contractors has pleaded guilty to breaches of health and safety that led to the death of a worker at Wembley Stadium in 2004.

The fatal accident occurred when a platform became dislodged during a lifting operation and fell, hitting and killing Patrick O'Sullivan, and injuring another worker.

The company pleaded guilty at City of London Magistrates court on Friday. The case has now been moved to the Old Bailey and is due to be heard on 1 May.

Patrick O'Sullivan's son, John O' Sullivan, said he hoped the fact that the case had been moved to the central criminal court would warrant a heavier fine.

“Most contractors walk away with a petty fine, I hope now that it's been moved to the central criminal court, PC Harrington will be forced to pay a more serious amount.”