ThermoPlan structural insulating blocks from Natural Building Technologies have been used to build a curving 8.5m-tall supporting wall on the north facing elevation of a private house development in Charlbury, near Oxford.

ThermoPlan uses a thin bed mortar, just 1mm thick, to secure rows of blocks, with interlocking dry vertical joints anchoring adjacent blocks along the row. The company says its simplicity means walls can be built up to four times faster than conventional blockwork.

The honeycomb cross-section structure of the blocks provides good thermal and acoustic insulation, while their microporous structure delivers effective breathability. On the outside of the 300mm thick ThermoPlan wall, a semi-dry stone facade was erected.

ThermoPlan blocks were also used to create the internal walls. This provided thermal mass to the property, which helps iron out peaks in temperatures.

NBT mineral plasters were used to provide the internal wall finish on the ThermoPlan sections, ensuring these elements of the house benefited from full breathability.

Natural Building Technologies