A positive spin on the ever-changing minister, anger over safety negligence, and which offers better value – RIBA or a Nectar card?

Eighth construction minister in eight years moves on

I think we should look at this positively. The position is clearly so popular that they can only serve for a limited time before handing the seat to the next in line.

As for the delay, clearly there is a lottery going on at Downing Street this afternoon to see who gets the winning ticket to be the next minister…
Lon Bailey

Mandelson is obviously now running the show which is probably preferable to Brown. The one thing both of them have in common (apart from their inability to tell the truth) is that neither were elected by anyone.

However, from a construction point of view it is probably going to be OK in the short term as no spending programmes will be cut. However, the longer term is another matter altogether and might have to include a large dose of reality!

Scottish construction firm fined £5k over worker death

When will Health & Safety be taken seriously by companies when these ludicrous penalties are handed out by the courts. Let's not forget that Mr Freitag did not come home that night to his loved ones as a direct result of the negligence of Pratt. He was killed on a construction site due to the fact that the workers' health and safety was not adequately addressed by the company director. There should be far more heavy penalties in order for justice to be served and also to act as a deterrent.
Paul Adams

RIBA launches new Associate Member class

And how much is this going to cost? I get more benefits from my Nectar card, and that's free!

Daredevil craze hits Glasgow's newest bridge

The designers are not at fault.

Furthermore, the bridge has done what its supposed to do - I saw loads of people using it last weekend.