Numbers reduced in “certain areas” to improve operational efficiency 

Paul mc laughlin

The Building Engineering Services Association (BESA) has cut staff numbers as part of a reorganisation of its management and staff.

The trade body did not reveal how many people or who has left as some roles had been identified as being at risk of redundancy and there is a consultation period ongoing, but said it has consolidated member services in order to improve operational efficiency.

BESA said it had made the move to “focus resources on increasing value to members” and “improve the efficiency of its operations”. These changes follow an extensive review period dating back two years to the appointment of current chief executive Paul McLaughlin (pictured).

The association had responded to member feedback calling for particular focus on training; legal and commercial support.

It added the decision was also taken to increase the amount of technical information generated from the knowledge that already exists within member companies, reducing the need for a large internal technical team.

“A strategic review of activities has been undertaken to ensure that the Association is focussed on providing the products and services that most add value to members, and that these are delivered in the most efficient way possible,” said McLaughlin.

“We are sorry that these strategic decisions have impacted directly on specific roles within the business. However, difficult decisions come with the territory and, at a time of considerable economic uncertainty, it is crucial for the long-term success and prosperity of BESA and its members that we focus our resources in the areas where they can make most difference.”