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    Cost model: Zero carbon offices

    UK offices could well become the standard-bearers for innovative carbon-cutting practices – here Aecom provides a cost breakdown of a typical low carbon office scheme

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    Cost model: Office fit-out


    Office occupiers and their employees are demanding space that supports new, more efficient ways of working, with a range of environments within a building tailored to different activities. What are the implications for workplace design and fit-out? Martin Kellett and Nicola Gillen of Aecom explain

  • London’s Shard tower is an example of a mixed use scheme

    Cost model: Mixed use


    Shifting economic and social conditions mean developers are increasingly pursuing mixed use schemes but different use classes on a project can cause complications

  • Commercial Office Towers

    Cost model: Commercial office towers


    The number of towers being proposed and developed in London and the UK continues to grow, as does their height

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    Cost model: London offices


    Strong growth in central London’s office market is now driving developers to look to locations they may not previously have considered

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    Cost model: The agile workspace


    Office work has changed beyond recognition since Dolly Parton’s Nine to Five. But only now are offices being designed with as much flexibility as the workforce that uses them, write Ciaran Timpson, Nicola Gillen and David Thornley of Aecom

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    Cost model: TMT offices


    The emergence of the technology, media and telecoms market sector looks set to define a new office product. Here are some of the key drivers behind this change and how they might affect the cost of office delivery

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    Cost model: Office refurbishments


    Developers looking to get the most out of their stock in difficult economic conditions are increasingly turning to refurbishment rather than redevelopment. Nigel Addy and Peter McCallum of Davis Langdon, an Aecom company, look at the cost implications

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    Whole-life carbon: Prestige offices


    Using the example of a building in the City of London, Gareth Roberts of Sturgis Carbon Profiling explains how new European standards for whole-life carbon assessment can make big savings

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    Cost model: City of London offices


    With uncertain prospects for finance, recovery in office development is likely to remain cautious. Refurbishment and reuse will remain alternatives but the low-carbon agenda will transform both these and new build, say Iain Parker and Graham Jones of Davis Langdon, an Aecom company

  • Future Systems’ revamp of 187-195 Oxford Street, central London, completed in November last year

    Cost model: Office refurbishments


    As more owner-occupiers look for cheaper, more efficient and sustainable offices, refurbishment may provide the answer. Simon Rawlinson and Ian Harrison of Davis Langdon report

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    Cost model: Office refurbishment


    A slowdown in the office market combined with an increasingly prominent sustainability agenda is creating opportunities for refurbishment specialists. Simon Rawlinson and Max Wilkes of Davis Langdon discuss how to maximise a building’s value with a well-targeted refurbishment programme

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    Cost model: Mixed-use city-centre schemes


    Mixed use is increasingly the name of the game for town-centre developers. But can uses such as retail and residential really mix? Simon Rawlinson of Davis Langdon examines the practicalities and costs of mixed-use city-centre schemes

  • Fletcher Priest’s Peoplebuilding in Hemel Hempstead was designed to comply with the 2002 update of Part L

    Cost model: City of London offices, Part L


    What effect will the latest batch of carbon reduction measures have on building design? And how much more will it cost to meet the stricter rules? Building finds out and calculates the price of four Part L-compliant options for a City of London office

  • The solid facade of Plantation Place, viewed  here from Great Tower Street, illustrates a possible solution to meeting the new Part L

    Cost model: Office design


    After a few belt-tightening years, the City of London’s commercial sector is on the up again. In this cost model, Davis Langdon and Mott Green Wall examine the current market and recent advances in office design – and break down the costs of a high-quality, mid-rise City scheme

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    Cost model: Office refurbishment


    Although recovery in the commercial market may be just around the corner, canny developers are already active generating good returns in refurbishment. Here Davis Langdon & Everest and Mott Green Wall look at the opportunities and constraints in bringing existing buildings bang up to date

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    Cost model: Urban design and infrastructure


    Proposals for new communities in the South-east, and the redevelopment of existing urban sites will require large-scale investment in site infrastructure. In this month’s cost model, we examine the cost and value drivers associated with infrastructure and site amenities

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    Cost model: Offices


    Sustainability issues are rapidly rising up the corporate agenda. We consider the impact of sustainability measures on commercial buildings and reveal that going green need not cost the earth

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    Cost study: Phoenix Natural Gas HQ


    Northern Ireland’s gas supplier didn’t want to have to pay astronomical energy bills, fall behind and end up suing itself for its own money. Cartwright Pickard Architects and QS Gardiner & Theobold explain how the team managed to avert this fate by delivering a building that not only achieved a ...

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    Cost model: Effect of Part L revisions on business parks and offices


    The revisions to Part L of the Building Regulations come into force on 1 April 2002, and many schemes on the drawing board will need to comply. Davis Langdon & Everest, in conjunction with consulting engineer Oscar Faber, explains how the revisions will impact on business parks and city centre ...