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    Procurement update: Offsite


    With government pushing the offsite agenda and a growing housing sector needing to access new capacity, how can clients position themselves to take advantage of the benefits of offsite construction?

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    Procurement update: revolution


    Two decades on from the Egan report and with a construction sector deal on the way, will 2018 be the year for construction’s procurement revolution? 

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    Procurement update: Uncertain markets


    Clients are returning to package-based procurement to get better value from their supply chain, even though this involves taking on much more risk

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    Procurement update: Uncertain markets


    With the emergent challenges of Brexit, how can the industry drive improved innovation, productivity and value for money through commercially responsible procurement?

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    BIM: Cost vs benefits


    The industry is frequently told it must engage with building information modelling, but there is little information available on the cost versus benefit balance of integrating BIM into a construction project

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    Procurement update: BIM


    As the 2016 deadline for the UK government’s mandate gets closer, the take-up of BIM on projects and programmes is accelerating

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    Procurement update


    Construction is now 12 months into its recovery and project procurement has become much more challenging - even in the regions. SImon Rawlinson of EC Harris takes soundings from projects and considers the best options in a fast-moving market

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    The rise of the BIM consultant


    With its clear government backing and success stories in the press, construction firms realise that BIM is a Very Important Thing. The question is, how to do it? Thomas Lane meets the new wave of BIM consultants who may have the answer

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    BIM builds up: Five recent innovations in BIM


    Simulated cities, 5D modelling and virtually visualised bridges – BIM is advancing and extending into all disciplines and stages of a project, including post completion. Here we look at the latest developments and assess their impact on construction

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    De-coding BIM


    Building information modelling could be applied to save time and money on every government project within five years. But few people are using it and many don’t even know it exists. Here are seven key ways BIM will affect you and your work

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    My digital life: Mark Taylor


    Preferred means of communication?I’m afraid I’m rather analogue when it comes down to it – I prefer a good old fashioned conversation.What shall we play?Continuing the analogue theme Yahtzee is my favourite game - mainly because I can still beat the kids at it - which is more than can ...

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    Winging it: Bombardier aircraft factory


    Air traffic gridlock over the holidays might have put you off flying for life. But Bombardier is launching a new plane with high-tech carbon fibre wings - first, though, it needed a factory that could be designed in tandem with those wings

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    The use of force: Building information modelling


    Building information modelling may make everything better, but most firms don’t want to use it. But that might change now the government plans to make it compulsory on all public projects. Stephen Kennett reports

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    My digital life: David Exeter


    What was the last thing you bought online?

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    My digital life: Martin Cook


    What was the last thing you bought online?

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    The SAP affair: Part L compliance software


    Forget house prices, where you’re going on holiday and the benefits of cosmetic surgery - SAP is what everyone’s talking about at parties right now. This crash course in sustainability software explains why

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    Now we understand


    The simple aim of persuading every member of a project team to use the same format for documents can have a huge effect on time and morale.