BIM survey 2020: The final push for full adoption


BIM adoption remains stuck on a plateau, according to the latest NBS survey. But those who are working with BIM are doing it better – and the new building safety legislation is likely to give an extra boost

NBS Bim survey 2019

BIM survey 2019: What's the problem?

2019-05-17T05:00:00+01:00By Debika Ray

As the government’s push for BIM eases and client expectations evolve, the latest NBS survey shows adoption is tailing off a little. So what is holding back those final few – and have the rest of us already moved on?


BIM survey 2018: The rise and rise of BIM


The number of firms using the technology and appreciating the value it brings to their work grows - but how to win over those who are not yet convinced?


BIM survey 2017: Model answers

2017-11-09T10:10:00+00:00By Debika Ray

Building’s annual BIM survey shows a growing gap between those embracing its potential and those still holding back. After a spike in interest coincided with last year’s BIM Level 2 mandate, take-up has slipped. But, Debika Ray reports, experts remain convinced that digitisation will continue apace


BIM survey 2016: Multi-dimensional issues


Building’s annual BIM survey shows a lack of qualified staff, perceived higher costs and handicaps for SMEs, makes a fully digital built environment a far cry

fulham wharf

BIM survey 2015: It’s the final countdown


With just over four months to go before BIM level 2 will be required on all central government projects, Building reveals the responses to its second annual BIM survey. There’s good news … and there’s bad news

bim tin

BIM survey 2014: Is BIM what it says on the tin?


While Building’s BIM survey indicates that adoption of the technology is increasing, there is growing anxiety about its effect on the dynamics of project teams