Redland has launched machine-made clay tiles with a handmade appearance – the Rosemary Craftsman and Rosemary Classic range.

The tiles have a textured front edge, sides and top surface, along with a variable hanging length and front-edge distortion. Random dimensional variations, surface twists and a rustic coarse texture that varies from tile to tile give the tiles a hand-crafted look. The company says this will result in a laid roof with the distinctive random look of handmade clay roofs.

The Craftsman tiles are coated in red and black sands, in a variable mix of patterns, which are blasted onto the tile surface during the manufacturing process to create a rustic finish. They are available in two colours – Penhurst and Ashcombe, the latter of which has more black sand in it than red, therefore giving it a richer, darker finish.

The Rosemary Classic clay plain tile range has an orange-red body with a variegated black-sanded finish. Dark Antique, as the name implies, has a “sooty” appearance, with its dark-sanded finish revealing just a hint of red beneath.

The complete handmade and weathered range is supplied with a full range of matching fittings and accessories.