Richard Rogers’ Barajas Airport terminal in Madrid opens


Terminal 5’s big brother

British architect Richard Rogers’ firm could be the first practice to score a Stirling hat-trick if it comes away with the prize this year, writes Hollie Tye. Rogers has been shortlisted for a fifth time for his luxury Neo Bankside flats behind Tate Modern, after two previous wins for the Maggie’s Centre in Hammersmith in 2009 and Madrid’s Barajas Airport terminal in 2006.

Building covered the success of the newly built Barajas Airport terminal in 2005, describing it as “even more elegant” than its British counterpart, Heathrow Terminal 5 - also designed by Rogers.

Martin Spring said: “No Rogers building dare show its face without liberal splashes of primary colours. At Barajas, all the steel trees are picked out in primrose yellow, giving the vast building a lively yet calming atmosphere. A warm, reassuring touch is added by pale bamboo strips that make up the undulating ceiling. The combined effect is a building that is awesome in scale yet refreshingly light, airy, spacious and entirely open to view. Whereas most airports are disorientating assault courses, Barajas promises to be a model of legibility and clarity, despite its immense scale.”