Ground engineering company Abbey Pynford has developed two piled raft foundation systems that it says provide a safer alternative to traditional piled foundations.

According to the company, the slabs can be laid fast and require no deep excavations, shuttering or plumbing. The first system, called Housedeck, is suitable for houses up to three storeys high. Four versions are available: a standard ground bearing slab, an anti-heave option incorporating a void, a gas membrane option, and vibro-replacement stone columns. Using a structural reinforced concrete slab 225mm deep, it covers the building footprint and is supported on piles between 140mm and 350mm in diameter. The second system, called Comdeck, is designed for heavier applications such as industrial and commercial structures. The main differences are the pile sizes, which are larger than Housedeck’s, and slab thickness, which is 300mm.

Abbey Pynford 304