Osborne’s chief executive looks at 2016 from a contractor’s perspective

What are the challenges, key developments and government policies that look set to shape 2016? Building asked key industry insiders to make a call on what they think will become the major talking points of the next 12 months. Andy Steele, chief executive at Osborne, has a look at the year ahead from a contractor’s perspective.

Andy Steele

Big issue:

“Where we stand in the customers’ eyes is still the big-ticket question. A lot of customers struggle with completely trusting contractors, therefore there is a reluctance to engage with us early.”

Big challenge:

“Somehow we have the change perceptions, not only in the eyes of customers but also for attracting employees into the industry. We are typically seen as a slow industry in taking on board new initiatives and technology. This links into BIM: it should have helped us to transform the whole industry but the industry has been slow to engage with it so we are not going to hit the deadlines.”

Big project:

“For the industry, it’s HS2: it’s going to be real testbed for how the industry can work. As a company, it would be the library resource centre at Royal Holloway (University of London).”