Specifiers hunting for roofing solutions that offer decorative window effects, energy-efficient solar power, tiles with lower pitches,or delightfully different colours to natural slates, need look no further

Ray of light at Aghadoe Heights

Ray of light at Aghadoe Heights

Daedalian Glass has supplied a glass window set in the roof of the Aghadoe Heights Hotel in Killarney, in County Kerry, Ireland. Interior designer Syntax UK says it specified the company’s product because of its decorative quality. The window provides a pool of light at the top of the stairs coming up from the main reception area. The light reflects through three panes, which are set in a 2.5m² cavity and feature blue and amber, sandblasted abstract designs on 6mm laminated, toughened glass.

Daedalian Glass


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Lightweight PV panels

Nu-lok Roofing Systems has launched a solar roofing system which combines a lightweight, galvanized steel, grid-fixing system with solar photovoltaic panels. The system locks the panels into the existing battens to provide a safe power source, that integrates into an existing roof. The company says the system cuts energy bills and reduces carbon emissions.

Nu-lok Roofing Systems


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Tiles with a lower pitch

Marley Eternit has developed a lower pitch for its Malvern Interlocking Tile range for applications where the roof pitch has to be as low as possible. It says the tiles can achieve a 12.5° pitch by using an increased headlap of 100 mm, which ensures they perform effectively in windy and wet conditions.

Marley Eternit


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Natural slates

Lafarge Roofing has added two colours to its Redland range of natural slates. Del Carmen is a hand-split option from Spain that is characterised by its blue-and-black colouring and a longitudinal grain. Riverstone is mined in Argentina and is a dressed-edge, grey-and- green slate. Lafarge says both are available with matching ridge, valley, verge, ventilation accessories and fixings.

Lafarge Roofing


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Single-ply membrane at Middlesex hospital

Single-ply membrane at Middlesex hospital

About 850m² of Flag UK’s Flagon single-ply membrane has been specified for the Brent emergency care and diagnostic centre at Central Middlesex Hospital. The product was selected by roofing contractor 5M for the two canopy areas of the roof that provide the visual focal point of the unit because of its waterproofing properties and ability to contend with intricate welding around a circular room.

Flag UK


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Minimalist rooflights

The Rooflight Company has launched a light and ventilation system that it says offers an attractive solution to rooflighting. The key feature of Neo is that its edge-to-edge glazing lies flush with the roofline to offer a minimalist appearance.

The Rooflight Company


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Tile-securing system

Ubbink has unveiled a system which secures tiles to the verge of the roof to keep the exposed edge dry and prevent wind uplift. The manufacturer says Dry Verge is easy to install, suitable for batten gauges from 265 to 345mm and is available in three toning colours and white. Dry Verge comes in lengths of 2.4m and in two versions: one for thin and fibre cement slates, and the other for thicker, double-lap natural slate and composite slate.



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New colours of slate

Pomery Natural Stone has added traditional blue-grey and mottled brown to its range of colours. The colours can be used for roofing and cladding.

Pomery Natural Stone


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Airport panels finished

Aluminium roof welding specialist MR Sites Services has completed work on the panels for the curved-wave roof of the new Cork International airport terminal. Building envelope contractor Prince Cladding BV specified the company’s welding because it says it offered a flexible and cost-effective solution. MR Sites Services also supplied the aluminium walkway, which will provide access to the roof and rooflights for future maintenance.

MR Site Services


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Transparent polycarbonate sheet

Transparent polycarbonate sheet

Bayer Sheet Europe has added a 10 mm thick translucent and transparent polycarbonate sheet to its i-Line range. Makrolon multi UV 4/10-6 has a U-value of 2.5W/m² K and is available in widths of 1050, 1200, 1250 and 2100mm, and lengths of 6000 and 7000mm. The company says it is suitable for tunnel shapes or roofs in industrial buildings, sports facilities and greenhouses.

Bayer Sheet Europe


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Movers and Makers

  • Ruberoid Building Products, a supplier of roofing and waterproofing materials, has launched a guide giving specifiers details about its range. The Roofing Shingles Selector and Fixing Guide contains advice on fixing and detailed drawings, as well as information on product handling, storage and building regulations. Ruberoid says its range is suitable for any building and comes in square-butt and hexagonal shapes, and five colours.

  • Lonsdale has published a guide called Important Questions To Ask Any Roof Vent Manufacturer. It is intended to help specifiers choose which vents have the features to prevent leaks and offer durability. It provides information about opening mechanisms and the thermal performance and air-flow of vents. It also assesses materials such as PVCu and thermally broken aluminium.

  • Permanite Engineered Roofing Systems has launched a roof-surveying service. Roofscan uses a thermographic camera to find temperature differences within the structure of a roof. The company says the device pinpoints leaks, which can be dealt with without disturbing parts of the roof that have not been damaged.

  • Kingspan Insulation has published four guides to meeting the requirements of the revised Part L of the Building Regulations. The guides provide specifiers with detailed information on the effect that the regulation has on methods of roof, wall and floor construction. Each edition covers a section of Part L, including new and existing dwellings, and new and existing buildings other than dwellings.