Rok put into administration. Its construction staff shut down sites. Mears, Leadbitter and Kinetics are among firms that express an interest in acquiring it. Rok’s administrator pledges to
pay staff.

First customers express anxiety about Rok work, with Tesco Underwriting saying it was already passing any new claims work to other contractors. Administrator says 100 expressions of interest received.

First redundancies: 711 jobs cut. 10-15 bidders for the firm travel up to Bolton for takeover talks. Administrator tells bidders he wants to fast-track sale to keep customers on board, and reveals £100m owed to supply chain.

268 more redundancies, with closure of plumbing, heating and electrical arm that sparked April profit warning. No appetite for Rok from buyers as they realise extent of contraction in business, with turnover down to £150m.

Bid tabled by Morrison, but no deal done by weekend. Contractor Bovis asks subcontractors to quantify exposure to Rok. Midlands firm Chamois Furnishings goes into administration claiming Rok owes it £20k.

Rok subsidiaries Tulloch Transport and Rok Civils in administration with 87 job losses. Potential buyers cool over weekend as customers desert firm. Insiders say turnover now £80m.

Final bidder Kinetics makes no offer. Banks set to pull plug, but administrators look to sell just social housing business. Scottish and maintenance arms shut down. 1,800 jobs cut.

Administrator says a deal still possible by the end of the week, with discussions ongoing over remaining 500-person contracting and social housing business.