Collaboration launched to offer specification consulting to architects - announced last May - will no longer go ahead

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A long-awaited collaboration between Aecom and the RIBA designed to offer specification consulting to architects will no longer be launched.

Aecom and the RIBA announced they were joining forces to launch a new company - NBS Schumann Smith - last May. The venture would have offered a range of services, including BIM models boasting cost and carbon data.

Aecom emailed clients last week to inform them the planned launch will no longer be going ahead.

The Aecom directors that were set to depart to help lead NBS Schumann Smith – Dave Smith and Richard Jackson – will now remain at Aecom.

Both parties said they would continue to work together, although RIBA said it will also work with “many other” providers.

Aecom said: “The intended transition of Aecom’s specification and design management team to RIBA Enterprises is no longer happening and the team will remain as a valued part of Aecom’s consultancy business in the UK.”

RIBA Enterprises said: “RIBA Enterprises remains committed to finding appropriate ways to expand the support we can offer our customers.”