Agreement includes programme management work for reconstruction of country

Aecom has agreed a deal with Ukraine’s government to help rebuild the country’s shattered infrastructure.

The firm announced that it has signed a memorandum of understanding with the country’s Ministry for Communities, Territories and Infrastructure Development “to serve as its reconstruction delivery partner and provide infrastructure and program management advisory support to help Ukraine achieve its reconstruction goals”.

Aecom said it will assist the ministry with the design and establishment of an overall programme management approach.


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A bridge on the outskirts of Kyiv blown up to prevent Russian troops crossing the river Irpin in the early weeks of the war

It added: “The company’s program management technical expertise will help aid in the efficient delivery of a wide range of interdependent reconstruction projects. The Company will also provide the Ministry infrastructure advisory support with the goal of creating opportunity for public and private investors to participate in the future reconstruction of Ukraine’s infrastructure.”

The firm said it has also signed a memorandum of cooperation with Ukraine’s State Agency for Restoration and Development of Infrastructure “to advance preliminary integrated cost estimating and other engineering support for many of the country’s complex and critical infrastructure projects.

“The scope of this memorandum encompasses key activities to help Ukraine transition to international-based standards for cost estimation, establish procurement practices and provide integrated consulting engineering services.”

Aecom chief executive Troy Rudd said: “The reconstruction of Ukraine is one of the world’s greatest humanitarian and infrastructure priorities. Through early engagement, a comprehensive programmatic approach, and global collaboration across governments and the private sector, we can work to restore and modernise Ukraine’s infrastructure.”

Russia’s invasion of Ukraine began last February with the war so far lasting more than 480 days.