But Housing Corporation study finds they are happier with with the way their landlords tackle the problem

Tenants of arms length management organisations are more likely to experience anti social behaviour than those who remain with their local council, a survey has found.

However ALMO tenants were more than twice as likely as council tenants to be satisfied with the way their landlord tackled the incidents.

The report for the Housing Corporation by BMG Research found 45 per cent of ALMO tenants said people taking or dealing drugs was a big problem in their area compared with 34 per cent of council tenants.

Rubbish lying on the street was the most common problem followed by teenagers hanging around and vandalism and graffiti.

Housing association tenants experienced less anti social behaviour than council tenants but were less likely to be satisfied with the way their landlord dealt with the issue. The number of housing association residents reporting litter lying around rose by 20 per cent between 2006 and 2008 but the survey indicated that associations were visiting more tenants who reported anti social behaviour.