Calva Bridge in Workington is the latest to close, as county braces itself for 'big peak' in water levels

A bridge in Workington has been closed and condemned to demolition following the mass floods which swept over Cumbria on the weekend.

The closure of Calva Bridge means people face a 30-mile detour to reach the other side of town.

Many other bridges and schools remain closed in Cumbria as the county braces itself for water levels to reach a “big peak” later, following further heavy rain, the Environment Agency has warned.

Temporary bridges are not expected to be in place before Christmas, the Highways Agency said, but Cumbria council has said it hopes to construct a temporary single-carriageway bridge in Workington in the meantime.

Six bridges have now collapsed across the country. A safety review of 1,800 bridges is being carried out.

Meanwhile temporary defences have been erected along the River Severn, the Environment Agency said.

In Cockermouth, Workington and Keswick, flood support centres have opened offering advice on insurance and housing issues, the BBC said, as people are warned to exercise caution when hiring tradesmen to help with repairs. Homeowners have been urged to check their credentials first.

The damage to the area has been estimated at “tens of millions of pounds,” Jill Stannard, chief executive of Cumbria council, said.