Engineering and design consultant shows preliminary designs for Hung Hom station and is now working up detailed tunnel designs

Atkins has revealed preliminary designs for the new Hung Hom Station on the Shatin to Central Link of Hong Kong’s Mass Transit Railway (MTR), on which it is now undertaking detailed design work.

The line will form part of the link between Hong Kong Island and Mainland China. Atkins’ role on the line also includes lead consultant for the preliminary design studies on the North South Corridor and sub-consultant on preliminary design of the East-West Corridor.

The company is now moving onto the detailed design of tunnels associated with Hung Hom Station.

A key challenge for Hung Hom Station has been the development of an efficient interchange with existing and planned lines and the consequent need to work in and around an operating railway.

Hong Kong’s MTR network is among the most advanced in the world and is currently undergoing a major expansion, with the addition of several new lines.

Atkins is delivering multidisciplinary services for several sections of these new lines, including stations, tunnels and viaduct.